Time for me

1 hour a day for my writing. That’s great! Chief Condominium has established 1 hour and so will be. I’ll have a whole hour of writing. I’ll write only what I want, words that make sense to me and to those looking for meaning.

For the other Condos and other people, it may seem meaningless: “just an hour” and yet for me, that time will be tripled.

Already an hour before I will prepare myself for that hour of writing taking care of my thoughts. All of them. I’m going to live that hour intensely and after that, I will remain with a feeling of abundance for at least another hour later. Who can have so much time available? Have you a dedicated time to do what you deeply love?

I will be careful that nobody disturbs it or hurts it, I will have the care to prepare myself and welcome myself fully, I will be there with all of myself and I will not leave the sad thoughts waiting for me or the difficulties that beset me oppressed inside a box without light, I will bring everything with me and together, I will write.

Who can afford so much time for itself? I will switch off the phone and I will disconnect the connection and leave the word to the wind that will dialogue with the difficulties and sad thoughts, and how playful it will take them far to show them new horizons. The white sheet ready and welcoming will wait for the words to rest light as snowflakes or as heavy as hail, as messy as a storm or as arid rain.  

At first, I will look at the clock, shaking of fear that one hour will not be enough. Then observing the seconds and the minutes, I will understand that walking with them I will be a part of them for the entire time.

I will be happy at this time; I will take care of it nurturing it day by day to get it again another time.

Who knows if the other condominiums will be happy with this unique daily time? How will they use it?


There we are! I knew it! Now that the summer was developing at its best, now that I was setting up some dating, the Chief Condominium email comes to mess up my life!!!

It seemed strange to me that she had repented and found common sense. My friends told me that she does it because I let her play easy and that if I put the borders better, I would have no difficulty meeting who I want.

You can’t boss around as she sees fit.

But the most important issue is to better understand Who is the man of my next date?

After a series of clear messages from him like “I’d like to have a drink with you”, my friends have confirmed that it shows

  • decision – ahh I like determined men
  • resourcefulness – the initiative shows organizational and creative skills
  • interest – he likes me, woow he likes me
  • delicacy – violent and narcissistic are banned
  • and the conditional time leaves room for my choice – marvellous!

I was already in seventh heaven: cute, intelligent, the place he chose is tasteful, I was already wandering in the clouds when they told me “but ….” and when they say but it means something is wrong!

So – while I was looking at the little cloud that showed the axe ready to hit my castles – they said: “It would have been much better for him to use – would you like to have a drink with me – instead of I’d like to have a drink with you? – The “you would like” demonstrates full sensitivity, more attention and consideration of what you want and what you like and don’t take it for granted! “

And I – while the axe fell on my castles – I think, but can we really do the logical and grammatical analysis as well as the period and remember exactly the etymology of the terms when one speaks to us and speaks to our desires, impulses, sensations?

And to be honest with you I replied: can you do like that way and allow yourself to be so precise a rainy day? They have looked up at the sky and shaking their heads, as they always do, they said, “When you will learn that you come first?”

Mumble, mumble …..


“The Wolf loses the hair but not the vice” he shouted against me the Rebel!

“If a person does not know how to live own freedom, she needs rules.” When at breakfast I said it, all exploded in a chorus of protests.

The Rebel precisely, with proverbs from the Middle Ages, and in sequence the Eternal-Teenager accused me of SELFISHNESS, the Poetess of INSENSIBILITY, the Enamoured without a HEART (of course!)

The problem at the base is the same: too much FREEDOM! Who does not know how to use it, hurts others, the undersigned!

I work! To be honest with you I work very hard. They see it and live it, they have a house to live in, feed themselves, get all the services to live in this technological and consumerist era, and they also have a little TIME to take care of their business.

Nevertheless, they complain that I take their time to do my activities. But if they don’t produce anything of that, I can’t afford this waste of time.

So, I’m restoring the old rules. What should I do otherwise? To leave the Eternal-Teenager with a nose up, daydreaming on fantasies that she’ll do not realize?  Do I allow the Rebel to deal with the lost causes of others instead of herself? Do I satisfy the Poetess leaving her expecting for the right rhyme to write? Lose an infinite time with the Innocent who is chatting on the channels with dull men who don’t even know what they want to do with their lives?

No! This will not happen. So, I prepared the new rules for SHARED AND BALANCED FREEDOM:

starting from a 24-hour day of which we spend 6 hours sleeping, I invite them to do their little program taking into account that the job takes me for 14 hours a day; to these, adding about 2 hours for lunch and dinner remain 4 hours in total. Then, here we are

1. It cannot be taken more than 1 hour at a time unless there is full authorization from the other condominiums

2. If your time is to be used in distant places that would not allow others to fully use their time, you will have to make a prior request with the indication of the return of the additional time required

3. By collective agreement you can accumulate the hours of several days: to allow you living several days in the name of your passions: e.g. the journey with friends for the Eternal Teenager or the Poetess will be waiting for the words from the sky without interruption

4. Saturdays and Sundays will be organized based on specific requests sent in advance to the undersigned

5. In the absence of specific requests, the hours of Saturday and Sunday will be 3 hours for each condo

I really think it’s perfect they won’t have anything to complain about! Now I send the email, surely, they will all be very happy! I’m not the WOLF they paint

Give birth and be born

Giving birth to your website and being born, is an important matter.

Putting the pieces together and declaring one’s personal professional and inner self requires profound knowledge and reflection on oneself.

When it is your mother who gives you to the world, it is a fact – apparently simple – but when you choose to give yourself to the world it is another matter.

Doing it – in its gestation – took longer than the standard 9 months. If I can make a continuation of the metaphor of pregnancy, knowing that you will not only give birth the professional individual but also – as a brand – the private and public parts- requires much more preparation – therefore a multi-gem birth -.

In these months, where the date of re-opening of the site has been postponed several times, I had to deal with who I am for me and who I am for others who read me and choose me as a coach and writer.

The phases that I went through have passed from safety and extreme confidence to long moments of darkness in which I did not recognize myself.

Knowing oneself is a journey that never ends, and our evolution influences our approach to life, the choices made and beyond this, knowing oneself requires constantly harmonization of our personality.

I had decided to create a new site for my profession as a coach, I activated the executive machine and the graphic studio, which designed the logo following my most internal requests, colours choices and the meaning of every single line. I started working on the contents and there the first crisis!

I would have had a site as a coach and ones as a writer and this didn’t work for me. I felt I was separated, torn apart. The reasoning did not work at an emotional and inner level.

The habit of cataloguing, labelling had shown itself in full. Once again, I was about to fall back into the usual mistake: only one side of my energy-rich personality, towards the outside, projected towards others, a light and a perennial sun.

For a month I blocked everything: too many colours, too much energy to the outside and nothing of the inner energy. That part of my personality who support and defining for my every change I was once again leaving it aside.

The sensations and seeing those colours that represented me in the logo were not complete. The answer was simple: to be me with all my shades of deep black, bright red, electric blue acid yellow and metallic violet.

The site presents me for what I am today, it will surely change as life will offer me the opportunity to change again and again.

I learned a new level of knowledge. I have learned that although different, apparently opposed, TOGETHER is the functional support for all myself to be harmonious and free from the full expression of light and shadow.

1st Anthology Stratford Poetry Group, my new poems in English

1st Anthology Stratford Poetry Group, my new poems in English

My new poems in English. In 2016 I met a Poetry group on Meetup. A marvellous Poetry Group thanks to the application where you can do what you love connecting people that they love to do too.

I met Sonia a Colombian poet and suddenly I felt in the Stratford Library as in Home. Since I started in the group, this two hour has been a special place for my soul, for my feelings, my darkness and uncomfortable days, a special place to get a specific time, reflecting about my life.

Actually, what is life, whether is it not Poetry? Isn’t? After many words games, improving even my bad English, after coffee and tea, meeting different creative talented people from different cultures, in this two poetry hour in the Stratford Library I start to game with poetry & English

Speaking in a different language bring you up to think differently. In the beginning, I felt as the words haven’t any taste even my intention was the same as I used to be. Writing and reading my Italian Poems is home, writing and reading my English poem is a hard construction.

Then after a little summer school in the Poetry Group, I challenged my self, using words that haven’t be a part of my childhood, of my life experience, hadn’t born under a warm sun, I started to feel a new taste writing and reading my English poems.

And yes, here we go. The 27th, there will be the launch of 1st. The book of the Stratford Poetry Group. Our Poems.

We created a collection of poems thanks to Sonia’s idea and the support of the Stratford Library. New feelings, new poems trying to be free, without the roles that I followed writing in Italian, without the label that I dressed thinking in Italian where my inner censor didn’t allow me to say something, no so good, uncomfortable as the truth can be.

I’m very happy and grateful that my words are taking a new flavour, a taste unexpectable and much more close to me, to my soul to my idea of true poetry that must be, and can be for the humanity.