Try your Whell of Life

The image of the wheel of life has been made by an extraordinary illustrator who has chosen to work in one-to-one coaching path.

She chose to personalize the wheel of life according to her taste using colours and images that most symbolized every aspect of her life.

The Wheel of Life is one of the first activities I use to the client. The result is clear.

The segments correspond to a specific area of life: Personal Growth, Objectives, Work / Career, Friendship, Safety, Energy, Self-Esteem, Fun and Fun, Home and Family, Relationships, Finances, Health and Wellness must be coloured according to satisfaction of that specific area.

Completed the activity the Wheel shows a clear snapshot of the quality of life level. It highlights the balance we have achieved and on which area we need to work to bring it back into balance. The wheel of life is very important: the customer “sees” for the first time his big picture.

Resuming periodically this activity – even every six months – allows a quick check: inner, social and professional status, relational and economic.

When she has shown it to me and commented on it, I realized how much represented her kind and personal sensitivity as well as in her professional determination.

Through so many activities and sessions, Francesca in the one-to-one coaching process has shown her talent, expertise and abilities,

During the meetings full of deep-felt insights, she reactivated her creative organizational potential. With commitment but also with fun Francesca has recognized herself and given herself the right to be an artist – which she is.

Now, when she shows up, is more aware of herself, a creative soul and an illustrator and designer as well as an aspiring tattoo artist.

Session after session she has built his personal progress.

Her Wheel of Life is in the kitchen where she can see it every day and see in a glance how is going well.

The Wheel of Life is a simple and fun activity, like an inner selfie

If you are curious or want to better understand what you can get by working with me go to the one-on-one service and contact me: the pre-session is free, and it will be a very good time

Back to reality

You have unpacked your cases and for a moment you taste the flavour of home. You look around entering all the rooms and you start counting.

Plants are thirsty. The dust has settled on the books on the chairs on the chandeliers and on the laptop. Settled your luggage, souvenirs, maps, looked at the payment receipts you find everywhere, you’re at home. The light seems different to you.

Do another round and here you see them.

They are right there where you left them, near the entrance next to the umbrella stand. And now they look at you.

Not now! Please, not now!

When you return and you, still, have the sweet taste of the days of freedom, far away from workloads, to-do-lists that never end, deadlines and payments, you don’t want to see any problem. But cheeky they are there.

You turn around and go into the living room looking for a way to get rid of unsolved problems. You ask yourself: why they are still there and haven’t left?

Here, this situation is very common. Come back from vacation is quite hard. Not because of the end of the holidays itself, but because the problem demands to be solved by you. Obviously!

What’s now?

The impulse is twofold: to continue procrastinating or face it head-on and solve it. If the problem has been dragged on for so long – not only will it seem more intricate to you – but groping to solve it in one shot, at the first difficulty you are going to meet, you will put it aside again. No more than less than when you did the previous time.

Although I don’t like mathematics, the first help comes from algebraic expressions.

To solve the problems, you can use the simple rule of expressions: the steps of the algebraic expressions clearly explain how to find the result.

Have you ever played an algebraic expression in one step? I know from other more competent people than me that more steps are needed.

So, a problem is solved in small steps, to keep the procedure under control and see if everything runs smoothly.

One way that I use – as I said before, math could be an opinion for me – is write down the problem adding details about what to do and how strategic it is for the solution.

But the most important aspect is (here we go again; the math pursues me) and to respect the resolution rule: you can’t start from the outside if you haven’t solved the inside  

During coaching sessions, this situation often arises: a professional problem that the Customer assigns to factors external to himself often requires internal work by the Customer

Assigning the time to observe the problem in its entirety is an accurate starting point, understanding what it implies on an emotional level.

It is important to understand its size and possible offshoots: determining how long it will take will be strategic because you can choose when to take care of it, and you will know which part to work on. The analysis will show you the level of the task and will help you find the best way to act and if you need some support.

Aren’t you a person asking for help? Because it does bother you because you don’t want to talk about your problems? Learning to share the less appealing part of you it will help you to show your own humanity, but this is another speech we will talk about one other time.