The Magic of Coaching

Magic happens every time. That alchemic force knows how to open the door of darkness. That darkness is difficult to look at and untangle. Yet during the magically coaching session, that door opens slowly.

Unspoken words, unacknowledged pains, chained emotional sequences, unconsciously replicated patterns, non-functional habits come out from that door.

The magic of Coaching brings light and comes to clarity.

I know it will happen, could be in the first sessions or maybe halfway but I know it happens. Building faith, questioning and active listening, responsibility and energy lavished by both is the extraordinary Alchemy that realizes the Magic of Coaching.

I’m working in One-To-One with extraordinary women and with a resourceful man, who they have incredible skills, talent and a moving soul.

September was drenched in profound sessions and this October Londonish, finally rainy already shows intense sessions full of strong emotions, we work a lot but also laugh with a new awareness.

Complex issues and activities are dealt with in small steps or with prodigious leaps, growth spurts lead to identifying that very personal road that leads to the goal.

Everything starts with a free coaching session where we know each other that identify the needs to be met, see the path and what can I do, as a humble instrument of coaching, so that the Magic of change is realized.

The magic of making the life you want to happen with the will to reach the full harmony of yourself. That hour of coaching gives the first instruments, confirms that one is on the move and the Client turns his attentive gaze to his Creator Self

The objectives set at the beginning of the course are perfected and real actions are performed, the path is traced. From that state of blockade, of indecision, of doing and making mistakes, of doing and trying again we arrive at doing and we reach the goal with creative and generative force.

This is the coaching: to touch the greatness of the human being, that inexhaustible strength of recovery and rebirth. Transformative alchemy takes place.

I am grateful to this profession that helps me more and more to carry out my purpose in life: to be a component of the Magic of your Change.

Coaching is magic because everything happens if you want it.