Since when do you not relate to yourself?

There are passages in the lives of us Women who represent such significant turning points that they require profound reflection.

Immediately clear the field from the possible connection between reflection equal stop. No, is not like this. Stopping, for us Women is like a reflection while we do and at the same time, we adjust the shot.

We have so much to recover from the past that has taken away rights and opportunities that stopping is not useful to the cause.

But the changes, the evolutions, the rebirths of us Women are those inner hurricanes require an important reflection that we do not (very often) and that nobody perceives if not “do you know that I find you different … will the hairstyle be?”

No, it’s not the hairstyle! Women are so good at not disturbing and keeping the Harmony that we there are ages, evolution after evolution before it is known. Why? Because when we experience that profound reflection that leads us to the relationship with ourselves, you see, I assure you that it is clear and all the whole world realizes it. And it’s not about combing.

It will seem like a contradiction: if there are change, growth and evolution there is necessarily a relationship with ourselves. Yes, that’s right. But I ask you: after all that whirlwind of winds and storms that you have passed and you look at yourself on the safe mirror heartened to have done it again this time, bringing home the result (whatever it is), you stop to ask yourself who you have become?

Do you know who you really are after that long, or short period, of inner discussion between the difficulties of wanting to be? Are you struggling to affirm it, not knowing how to do it, do it with one step forward and two steps back? Do you know who you became after all those right actions and all the mistakes you made and that you never wanted to do but that offered you another piece of you? Do you know who you have become after having touched your limits and have moved a small piece of it day by day? Do you wonder who you become after having doubted a thousand times about yourself that you would not have made it and that you were not enough and right for that context, for that relationship, for that job, for that group and above all for yourself? Who are you after the races and the moral and physical injuries and tons of No? And who have you become after having continued that road, that only you know and see, while the others told you that you had the wrong path? Who did you become after you saw the arrival and it was just a mirage, but did you go on? Who did you become after the loss, after having entrusted heart and blood and being left almost without lifeblood? Who did you become after you rose from the dust?

Since when do you wonder who you have become? When do you not relate to yourself?

Why this question?

There is, between the hurricane of becoming the landing to have become, a necessary passage that you owe to yourself:

The Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement Relating to yourself is the relationship. The first is the most important that makes you understand who you were who you are and who you want to be.

However, although we are talking about the most important relationship, we do not have meetings, we live without frequenting each other, reaching out to satisfy the lives of others to the care to be given to the duties to be paid, relegating to our inner relationship a quick and approximate “I did it”.

I add “almost done”.

We, Women, are very good at overcoming crises the difficulties, pains, fatigue and energetic commitment that evolutionary passages required but we skip that therapeutic, alchemic moment of verification and relationship within ourselves.

But how can you figure out who you’ve become if you skip your acknowledgement?

The action of acknowledgement towards ourselves is a necessary act essential to confirm to ourselves who is arrived after the storm.

You will see that you know it perfectly, having experienced that hurricane first-hand. And yet, very often we skip this profound acknowledgement meeting during which we clearly recognize and confirm who we have become.

By skipping this step we do NOT recognize our strength, we do NOT see our courage, we do NOT evaluate perseverance and will, we do NOT believe in ourselves waiting for safety from outside, we do NOT consider ourselves capable of finding solutions, so that our being, wisdom, the personality is reduced to a minimum.

All the times we skip the meeting with ourselves and we fail to recognize and confirm, we deduct from our identity our baggage of experience that has made us become. We have become but if we do not recognize it we will never know it and we will not know how to fully live who we really are. Unknown to ourselves.

Whenever I overcome an inner hurricane, every time the change brings about the transformation, I have the duty to recognise myself again. Without this step, I lose much of the wealth that I acquired during the path.

So, I Re-know, I confirm, I declare it. With detail, specifying the qualities, the skills, the will, the strength, the determination, the inner love that has dried my tears, the wisdom that has been able to speak with fears and pain, the fatigue that has accompanied me in travel. I accept my mistakes as a result of the necessary experience

And after this realisation, I have the clarity of myself of who I have become. From this point, I set off for the new journey

Every single word I have listed has for each woman a story of an indefinable beauty that speaks of life and of identity that must be re-known and confirmed.

It is the recognition we make to ourselves that makes the difference, in our lives and in our Being Women in the world.

It is your moment: the one with yourself, with the One who has become