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Since when do you not relate to yourself?

There are passages in the lives of us Women who represent such significant turning points that they require profound reflection. Immediately clear the field from the possible connection between reflection equal stop. No, is not like this. Stopping, for us Women is like a reflection while we do and at the same time, we adjust […]

Letting go

While returning home the other afternoon I was assailed by a melancholy and very strong smell of Goodbye. The intense colours and the smells of the wet earth the yellow and red leaves along the way caught my heart telling me that the time to leave has arrived. Every goodbye is painful, especially those that […]

The Magic of Coaching

Magic happens every time. That alchemic force knows how to open the door of darkness. That darkness is difficult to look at and untangle. Yet during the magically coaching session, that door opens slowly. Unspoken words, unacknowledged pains, chained emotional sequences, unconsciously replicated patterns, non-functional habits come out from that door. The magic of Coaching […]

Try your Whell of Life

The image of the wheel of life has been made by an extraordinary illustrator who has chosen to work in one-to-one coaching path. She chose to personalize the wheel of life according to her taste using colours and images that most symbolized every aspect of her life. The Wheel of Life is one of the […]

Back to reality

You have unpacked your cases and for a moment you taste the flavour of home. You look around entering all the rooms and you start counting. Plants are thirsty. The dust has settled on the books on the chairs on the chandeliers and on the laptop. Settled your luggage, souvenirs, maps, looked at the payment […]

Give birth and be born

Giving birth to your website and being born, is an important matter. Putting the pieces together and declaring one’s personal professional and inner self requires profound knowledge and reflection on oneself. When it is your mother who gives you to the world, it is a fact – apparently simple – but when you choose to […]