Regole di Riorganizzazione


“The Wolf loses the hair but not the vice” he shouted against me the Rebel!

“If a person does not know how to live own freedom, she needs rules.” When at breakfast I said it, all exploded in a chorus of protests.

The Rebel precisely, with proverbs from the Middle Ages, and in sequence the Eternal-Teenager accused me of SELFISHNESS, the Poetess of INSENSIBILITY, the Enamoured without a HEART (of course!)

The problem at the base is the same: too much FREEDOM! Who does not know how to use it, hurts others, the undersigned!

I work! To be honest with you I work very hard. They see it and live it, they have a house to live in, feed themselves, get all the services to live in this technological and consumerist era, and they also have a little TIME to take care of their business.

Nevertheless, they complain that I take their time to do my activities. But if they don’t produce anything of that, I can’t afford this waste of time.

So, I’m restoring the old rules. What should I do otherwise? To leave the Eternal-Teenager with a nose up, daydreaming on fantasies that she’ll do not realize?  Do I allow the Rebel to deal with the lost causes of others instead of herself? Do I satisfy the Poetess leaving her expecting for the right rhyme to write? Lose an infinite time with the Innocent who is chatting on the channels with dull men who don’t even know what they want to do with their lives?

No! This will not happen. So, I prepared the new rules for SHARED AND BALANCED FREEDOM:

starting from a 24-hour day of which we spend 6 hours sleeping, I invite them to do their little program taking into account that the job takes me for 14 hours a day; to these, adding about 2 hours for lunch and dinner remain 4 hours in total. Then, here we are

1. It cannot be taken more than 1 hour at a time unless there is full authorization from the other condominiums

2. If your time is to be used in distant places that would not allow others to fully use their time, you will have to make a prior request with the indication of the return of the additional time required

3. By collective agreement you can accumulate the hours of several days: to allow you living several days in the name of your passions: e.g. the journey with friends for the Eternal Teenager or the Poetess will be waiting for the words from the sky without interruption

4. Saturdays and Sundays will be organized based on specific requests sent in advance to the undersigned

5. In the absence of specific requests, the hours of Saturday and Sunday will be 3 hours for each condo

I really think it’s perfect they won’t have anything to complain about! Now I send the email, surely, they will all be very happy! I’m not the WOLF they paint

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