Time for me

1 hour a day for my writing. That’s great! Chief Condominium has established 1 hour and so will be. I’ll have a whole hour of writing. I’ll write only what I want, words that make sense to me and to those looking for meaning.

For the other Condos and other people, it may seem meaningless: “just an hour” and yet for me, that time will be tripled.

Already an hour before I will prepare myself for that hour of writing taking care of my thoughts. All of them. I’m going to live that hour intensely and after that, I will remain with a feeling of abundance for at least another hour later. Who can have so much time available? Have you a dedicated time to do what you deeply love?

I will be careful that nobody disturbs it or hurts it, I will have the care to prepare myself and welcome myself fully, I will be there with all of myself and I will not leave the sad thoughts waiting for me or the difficulties that beset me oppressed inside a box without light, I will bring everything with me and together, I will write.

Who can afford so much time for itself? I will switch off the phone and I will disconnect the connection and leave the word to the wind that will dialogue with the difficulties and sad thoughts, and how playful it will take them far to show them new horizons. The white sheet ready and welcoming will wait for the words to rest light as snowflakes or as heavy as hail, as messy as a storm or as arid rain.  

At first, I will look at the clock, shaking of fear that one hour will not be enough. Then observing the seconds and the minutes, I will understand that walking with them I will be a part of them for the entire time.

I will be happy at this time; I will take care of it nurturing it day by day to get it again another time.

Who knows if the other condominiums will be happy with this unique daily time? How will they use it?

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