Whell of Life

Try your Whell of Life

The image of the wheel of life has been made by an extraordinary illustrator who has chosen to work in one-to-one coaching path.

She chose to personalize the wheel of life according to her taste using colours and images that most symbolized every aspect of her life.

The Wheel of Life is one of the first activities I use to the client. The result is clear.

The segments correspond to a specific area of life: Personal Growth, Objectives, Work / Career, Friendship, Safety, Energy, Self-Esteem, Fun and Fun, Home and Family, Relationships, Finances, Health and Wellness must be coloured according to satisfaction of that specific area.

Completed the activity the Wheel shows a clear snapshot of the quality of life level. It highlights the balance we have achieved and on which area we need to work to bring it back into balance. The wheel of life is very important: the customer “sees” for the first time his big picture.

Resuming periodically this activity – even every six months – allows a quick check: inner, social and professional status, relational and economic.

When she has shown it to me and commented on it, I realized how much represented her kind and personal sensitivity as well as in her professional determination.

Through so many activities and sessions, Francesca in the one-to-one coaching process has shown her talent, expertise and abilities,

During the meetings full of deep-felt insights, she reactivated her creative organizational potential. With commitment but also with fun Francesca has recognized herself and given herself the right to be an artist – which she is.

Now, when she shows up, is more aware of herself, a creative soul and an illustrator and designer as well as an aspiring tattoo artist.

Session after session she has built his personal progress.

Her Wheel of Life is in the kitchen where she can see it every day and see in a glance how is going well.

The Wheel of Life is a simple and fun activity, like an inner selfie

If you are curious or want to better understand what you can get by working with me go to the one-on-one service and contact me: the pre-session is free, and it will be a very good time

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