There we are! I knew it! Now that the summer was developing at its best, now that I was setting up some dating, the Chief Condominium email comes to mess up my life!!!

It seemed strange to me that she had repented and found common sense. My friends told me that she does it because I let her play easy and that if I put the borders better, I would have no difficulty meeting who I want.

You can’t boss around as she sees fit.

But the most important issue is to better understand Who is the man of my next date?

After a series of clear messages from him like “I’d like to have a drink with you”, my friends have confirmed that it shows

  • decision – ahh I like determined men
  • resourcefulness – the initiative shows organizational and creative skills
  • interest – he likes me, woow he likes me
  • delicacy – violent and narcissistic are banned
  • and the conditional time leaves room for my choice – marvellous!

I was already in seventh heaven: cute, intelligent, the place he chose is tasteful, I was already wandering in the clouds when they told me “but ….” and when they say but it means something is wrong!

So – while I was looking at the little cloud that showed the axe ready to hit my castles – they said: “It would have been much better for him to use – would you like to have a drink with me – instead of I’d like to have a drink with you? – The “you would like” demonstrates full sensitivity, more attention and consideration of what you want and what you like and don’t take it for granted! “

And I – while the axe fell on my castles – I think, but can we really do the logical and grammatical analysis as well as the period and remember exactly the etymology of the terms when one speaks to us and speaks to our desires, impulses, sensations?

And to be honest with you I replied: can you do like that way and allow yourself to be so precise a rainy day? They have looked up at the sky and shaking their heads, as they always do, they said, “When you will learn that you come first?”

Mumble, mumble …..

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